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If you have been keeping up with our social media, then you know that our team has been booked and busy! We started out August with Atlanta market, then flew to Dallas market, just to turn around for MAGIC, and next we will be heading to Coterie in the next week. But rest assured – we have been keeping a steady eye on the hottest trends for Fall and are ready to share them all!

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Let’s begin with the denim brand of your dreams! Blue Revival is our newest denim addition to the showroom, and we are so excited! This contemporary jean brand introduces several never-before-seen styles. Our teams’ favorite pieces are the Chain Cut Off Shorts in Angel Falls and the Chain Fringe Straight Jeans. You can truly wear any piece from this collection to any event, trip, or casual outing you have. The unique details will definitely make your outfit stand out in a crowd!

Elevate your wardrobe with Esmaee, which is the American branded version of the popular boutique Wish Australia. With conservative pieces perfect for work, to unique silk blouses for a night on the town, this brand offers pieces that are perfect for any event. If you are familiar with Wish Australia then you know how great the quality of their clothes.

If you are a boho loving, print enthusiast, like our team then our new brand Patrons of Peace is a brand you have to check out! The fabric is so light weight that you can easily transition them from summer to fall. Anyone in the south knows how hard that seasonal transition can be, but this brand’s fall collection keeps you cool while also including those fall colors and elements to each of their pieces.

You may have heard of our next brand, drumroll please… Veronica M! This brand has an effortless California style with vintage elements cascaded through each item of the capsule. Veronica M. has been in business for over 25 years and has become a household name with women who love “on the go” fashion. This brand is specific to our southwest region but is truly a must-have in your stores and wardrobe!

You can check out these brands more in depth under our brands section of our website! Feel free to contact your state representative with any question!


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