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Power 2 The Flower

Created as a passion project from owner and creative director, Esther Maya, Power 2 the Flower (or P2F Swim) is the embodiment of staying cheeky, fresh, sexy and giving a nod of respect to the 70s. Working hand and hand with their head designer, Sophie London, Power 2 the Flower is always inspired by retro prints, sexy and flattering silhouettes and a mixture of what is working in swimwear and in sportswear. P2F is meant to be worn in and out of the water. Pair it back with a high waisted denim, layer it with a maxi mesh dress and a boot and you're the best dressed no matter where you are.

Being woman owned and operated, P2F donates 10% of the profits to organizations that benefit women. They worked with Step Up our launch year (2019), and Planned Parenthood in 2020 & 2021. Every holiday season, they also team up with food drives and toy drives to make sure our community is staying warm, happy and healthy as much as possible. Lastly, they have a 'Power 2 the Flower' scholarship they grant every 4 years; helping young, inspiring women to be whoever they want to be without the weights of society holding them back.

For more information about Power 2 The Flower, please email

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