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Who's Ready for July Market?

Are you planning to come to the Atlanta gift market this month? If so, have you booked an appointment? If you said no to either of those questions, let me change your mind! July Gift Market is one of our favorite times here at UnCommon Fashion because of the excitement that comes into our showroom. There is so much to shop for, you have to come! Not a buyer for a store? Don’t worry anyone can come to shop our sample sale! Everything from incredible Dr. Rook skincare products to a clearance corner with prices as low as FIVE DOLLARS. Are you a buyer for a store? Well once you finish shopping our sample sale, go on over to the wholesale side to order everything your store needs for the fall. Get ready for new inserts from brands like FRNCH that everyone has been obsessing over! Follow us on our Instagram @uncommon_fashion and @uncommon_frenchies to see some sneak peeks at those sample sale steals!

We hope to see you there!!

To schedule an appointment you can call, sign up online, or email your state representative a time and day you are coming.


UnCommon Team


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