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Fit check: airport edition w/ wildfox

After a long year of quarantining, masks, and homemade bread, travel is finally starting to pick up! People are becoming more comfortable with traveling on airplanes which creates the need for airport outfits. If you are anything like our Uncommon Fashion team, then you treat the airport as a personal runway to display the new lounge set or athleisure you bought specifically for the trip.

Wild Fox is the perfect brand for your casual travel needs! Based and made out of Los Angeles, this brand perfectly blends looks that are effortless and edgy. They have a wide variety of stylish sets, soft tops, and comfy sweaters. Pieces can be worn interchangeably creating more suitcase space for those outfits that you have been waiting to wear all year long. Even better, these pieces are versatile enough to incorporate into your daytime wear while traveling. Whether you decide to rock a matching set or add your own unique individuality to an oversized hoodie to the airport, Wildfox is truly a brand designed to blend the need of both comfortability and fashionability.

P.S. If you mix in some of our jewelry brand like Verdier with these sets, you would have the perfect outfit!!

Our team's current Wildfox favs:

Picture 1: Lefitte wash Fifi sweatshirt with Lefitte wash Nikki Cargo

Picture 2: Kinley Hoodie with Tennis Club Pant

Picture 3: Baggy Beach Jumper with Tennis Club Pant

Picture 4: Voodoo Bandana Roadtrip Sweatshirt

Picture 5: Feather Palm Crop with Feather Palm 7/8 Leggings

*Contact your state representative today to place an order!*


Uncommon Fashion Team


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